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Valentine’s Day Mattress for Lovers

Two couples sleeping in bed and kissing gently

You have a plan for your perfect Valentine’s Day. Dinner reservations, champagne on ice, a box of chocolates, a slinky little something, the lights are low and Barry White on your speaker. It’s Valentine’s Day, and Valentine’s Night is the night for love! The only thing missing on your night of lovin’ is a good […]

Ever hear these St. Patrick’s Day facts?!

St. Patrick's shamrock leaves

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Mattress Omni! Winter was long and bitter this year! Thankfully, winter is giving up its icy grip on the nation and we have a nice, sunny spring to enjoy. And what’s the last holiday of winter before spring arrives? St. Patrick’s Day, of course! It’s not only for the Irish-Canadians, […]