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Reviews for The O Mattress
What a Difference!

We are impressed! Just got ours today, and man what a difference in comfort. So glad you guys approved me! Will be nice have a great night’s sleep. 🙂

Love My New Bed

Love my new bed, and I received it in only 5 days! 👍👍👍👍

Love My Bed!

Love my bed! Was a good buy!

Legit Favourite!

Okay, it’s legit my favourite mattress!!! I have osteoporosis in my spine and wake up EVERY DAY with a throbbing back. Last night was my first night with my mattress and I woke up this morning with no pain in my back!! And my toddler fell asleep at 9:30pm and didn’t wake up until 9:30am, which isn’t normal… he’s always up at 7:30! lol

No smell from the mattress

The bed is amazing , I made a great choice my back pain is so much better. Also there was no smell from the mattress.

Best Mattress for Back Pain!!!

OMG !!!!! I just received my OMNI MATTRESS this morning @ 10: 30 , this is THE most amazing bed I have ever had! I am literally glued on it since I set it up! Thank you so very much for the approval. I can tell already the relief I’m going to get from physical issues. I will 100% back OMNI.

She Loves It!

I bought one for my daughter, she loves it!!

Comfiest Thing in the World!

I LOVE my king sized mattress. It’s the comfiest thing in the world. I slept like a baby! Zero issues with approval, within minutes I was approved, great customer service, fast shipping & even greater product.

Couldn't Be Happier!

Bought mine a few months ago, was experiencing hip pain and neck pain with my old mattress, and wasn’t sleeping through the night. Got so fed up I ordered it at 3 in the morning when woke up in pain. Now I sleep for 6 solid hours and wake up fully refreshed and ready to go. Used to take me 2 hours to fall asleep and now I’m asleep in 20 mins. Highly recommend these guys to all my friends and family. And I couldn’t be happier with my mattress.

I'll Never Go Back!

Finally got my king bed and frame. I can’t even explain how excellent my bed feels. I’ll never go back to any other kind of bed! 🥰🙂


Most comfortable mattress ever!!

Best Sleep in Years

We received ours and I must say it’s the best sleep I’ve had in years. I barely toss and turn and it’s super comfortable. I would recommend this mattress to anyone.

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