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  Looking For A Pillow That Is Right For You? Finding the right pillow for you is essential to your sleep. It’s a matter of what kind of support you need! If a traditional head pillow isn’t giving you the right amount of comfort, consider these options. A neck pillow, or travel pillow, cradles and […]

Kingsdown Canadian Mattress Success

Kingsdown, Inc. is an Canadian-made mattress success story. Let’s go back to the beginning. Kingdown starts as The Mebane Bedding Company, which W.W. Corbett and A.N. Scott create. Their mission is to create an American-made mattress. In their factory in Mebane, NC, they make hand-crafted mattresses for the high-end market. The Kingsdown Mattress is their […]

Ever hear these St. Patrick’s Day facts?

St. Patrick's shamrock leaves

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Mattress Omni! Winter was long and bitter this year! Thankfully, winter is giving up its icy grip on the nation and we have a nice, sunny spring to enjoy. And what’s the last holiday of winter before spring arrives? St. Patrick’s Day, of course! It’s not only for the Irish-Canadians, […]