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Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Canada Day! At least, that’s what we’ll be saying on Canada’s birthday when it comes in on July 1st!

So for many patriotic Canadians, Canada Day is the big date in the year where we get to celebrate our country, its values, and what it means to be a Canadian citizen. And we do it with barbecues, fireworks, and live concerts. Yet Canada Day 2020 is a challenge because of the Covid panic, with attendance limits on Canada Day events putting a damper on the festivities.

Doesn’t mean the coronavirus stops us from finding things to do for Canada Day 2020! From Vancouver Island to Saint John New Brunswick, true Canadians celebrate the biggest day for our nation, no matter what adversity we face.

Omni Mattress™ loves Canada and wants to show our appreciation to the nation that lets us do what we do so well, and that’s provide the best memory foam mattress in the country. And show what makes Canada Day so exceptional!

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History of Canada Day: Coast to Coast, the Sleep Country with the Most

We didn’t always have a Canada Day. We also didn’t always make such an enormous deal out of it. That’s because before there was a Canada Day there was Dominion Day, and it was an optional celebration.Dominion Day marked the day the British Parliament passed the British North America Act, July 1st, 1867. The British North America Act merged New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec into their own nation state (other provinces and territories came later). Canada earned the name ‘Dominion’, given to British Commonwealth nations that were independent but still followed the British Empire’s lead.

Canada wouldn’t get full independence until 1982 with the Constitution Act, which was also the same year Dominion Day was re-named Canada Day.

Canada celebrated Canada Day in varying ways from region to region. The first Canada Day celebration was in Toronto in 1867, with bonfires, fireworks, military displays, and music. Quebec coincides Canada Day with their Moving day, when fixed-lease rentals expire, but they also celebrate Canada Day, or Le Jour de la Confédération. Newfoundland had Memorial Day to commemorate soldiers lost during World War 1 and adopted Canada Day when they joined Canada in 1949.

Ottawa has one of the biggest Canada Day celebrations, but were late to the game. The first Parliament Hill Canada Day celebration started in 1958, with a request from Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and a budget of $14,000. This started a yearly tradition in the capitol.

And Canadians celebrate Canada outside of Canada too! You’ll find Canada Day celebrations at Lai Kwai Fong in Hong Kong, Bund Beach in Shanghai, and Canada House at Trafalgar Square in London!

You won’t have to go far to find a Canada Day celebration in your city, but Covid-19 has curtailed their celebration. What are we to do?

Canada Day Block Party and Celebrations From Home

A coronavirus lockdown can’t stop Canadians from celebrating the nation’s birthday, but it makes traditional activities such as travel and camping inconvenient! That’s ok, because we at Omni Mattress believe celebration starts with family and friends. Throw your own Canada Day party with barbecue, icy drinks, activities, and your nearest and dearest!

Food and drink are very important during Canada Day. Whether east coast, west, or anywhere in between, Canadians have unique dishes great for a Canada Day celebration. Nosh on some nanaimo bars, butter tarts, beavertails, lobster rolls, poutine, Alberta beef, and chase it down with some caesars or Molsens.

If there isn’t a grille handy, there’s always the potluck. It gets your friends and families involved and they get to share their favourite dishes and culinary specialties.

Sports events on Canada Day may be out of the picture, but there’ are plenty of ways to add some Canadian content to your celebration. Gather your friends for a game of touch football or street hockey. Play the last game of the classic 1972 Summit Series on TV, or run some Canadian movie classics like Strange Brew, Goon, Fubar, or Canadian Bacon.

Miss the Canada Day fireworks display in your hometown? Have your own, provided you do it safely. Bonfires and fireworks are popular in the country, but harder to find in the cities.

Check your local laws involving private gatherings, fire ordinances, and fireworks. Social distancing and maximum gathering limits differ in areas across Canada, so it’s always good to double check.

Rest Easy This Canada Day With Omni Mattress™

You’ll want to hit the bed hard after a day of celebrating the birth of our nation! Why do it on a bad innerspring mattress with worn-out coils that won’t give you a good night’s sleep? This Canada Day, sleep right with our Canada Day mattress sale. Get approved for up to $3000 spending limit, bad credit or no credit, on our O Mattress™ line of gel-infused polyurethane foam mattresses. No need to wait for the first day of fall to arrive with our quick free shipping!

And on behalf of Omni Mattress™ we wish you sweet dreams and a happy Canada Day!

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