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A Mattress Dream Come True

A lady waking up fresh from her sleep.

  With many mattress manufacturing companies, King Koil has a rich, century-long history as one of America’s premier brands of mattresses. King Koil started out in 1898, under founder Samuel Bronstein. His dream was to find a bedding and mattress company in the United States. He accomplishes this dream when he sets up United States […]

How you can effortlessly improve your credit while you sleep

A frustrated lady slamming her head on her laptop.

Did you know the average person spends one-third of their life in bed?! Omni Mattress makes sure that huge chunk of time is the most comfortable and restful it can be. But money stress can have a significant impact on your sleep quality! It’s well known now that lack of sleep can negatively affect your […]

Valentine’s Day Mattress for Lovers

Two couples sleeping in bed and kissing gently

You have a plan for your perfect Valentine’s Day. Dinner reservations, champagne on ice, a box of chocolates, a slinky little something, the lights are low and Barry White on your speaker. It’s Valentine’s Day, and Valentine’s Night is the night for love! The only thing missing on your night of lovin’ is a good […]

Ever hear these St. Patrick’s Day facts?

St. Patrick's shamrock leaves

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Mattress Omni! Winter was long and bitter this year! Thankfully, winter is giving up its icy grip on the nation and we have a nice, sunny spring to enjoy. And what’s the last holiday of winter before spring arrives? St. Patrick’s Day, of course! It’s not only for the Irish-Canadians, […]