Sleep Posture: How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

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Sleep Posture: How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health We at Omni Mattress™ know the secret to a good sleep. A memory foam mattress gives you a good night sleep every night. But with all the sleeping tricks and the best mattress in the market, you still must look at yourself for good sleeping. Conditions […]

Happy Canada Day!!!

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Happy Canada Day! At least, that’s what we’ll be saying on Canada’s birthday when it comes in on July 1st! So for many patriotic Canadians, Canada Day is the big date in the year where we get to celebrate our country, its values, and what it means to be a Canadian citizen. And we do […]

Intelligence Purchase

Making Intelligent Purchases and Investments in this Pandemic Season It’s tough getting a handle on your money management during an economic downturn. With unemployment on the rise in a post-pandemic economy, now it’s more difficult than ever to earn some cash money. And when you’re earning less money, you’re also saving less money. It’s a […]

Christmas Sale

A Brief History of Christmas Time in Canada Christmas time is here again! As we gather around the Christmas tree, huddle together as a family around the TV and watch the latest Christmas special, listen to Michael Bublé warble out the latest hit Christmas carol, and finally rest our weary heads, our backs and our […]