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Your Top 5 Tips for Buying a Mattress

So, you’re ready to buy a new mattress. That’s great! And just in time too. We have the O Mattress-Platinum™ starting at $9.99 a week, from twin sized to king sized mattresses, with bedframes too!

But you’re wondering what to look for in a brand-new memory foam mattress. There are so many choices, and different mattresses to choose. Where do you start? Do you go with the tried and true innerspring mattress, or do you check out one of these new memory foam mattresses you hear so much about?

We at Omni Mattress are here to help with mattress buying tips! Not only will we show you why a memory foam mattress is the way to go for your next sleep experience, we’re showing you why the O Mattress from Omni Mattress is the best memory foam mattress to choose.

Are you wondering what’s the difference between a memory foam mattress and an innerspring mattress? Innerspring mattresses were good enough in our parents’ day, but now we have a superior, space-age memory foam for a good night’s sleep. Your sleep depends on the right mattress, and these days an innerspring mattress doesn’t cut it. Now it’s all about the memory foam, so why go with your parents’ mattress when you can sleep 21st century style?

Then welcome to the future as we count down your top five tips for mattress shopping, and why Omni Mattress, with the incredible new O Mattress™, O Mattress-Platinum™, and “O” Onyx Mattress™, is your best bet for a better night’s rest.

Tip #1: Get a Mattress with Gel-Infused Memory Foam

The memory foam we use today has changed since NASA invented memory foam material for their pilot seats to improve cushioning and crash protection. People have made memory foam mattresses for years, but it hasn’t been the mattress of choice until recently. Why are people starting to use memory foam mattresses now instead of years ago? As you’ll learn, memory foam is the sleep material of the future, but not all memory foam is created equal.

Because memory foam is made of dense, synthetic materials, earlier memory foam mattresses retain heat. There might be air pockets inside a memory foam mattress, but they’re not interconnected, so air doesn’t flow as easily through them. It’s especially a problem with dense memory foam. The denser the foam, the smaller the air pockets, the less ventilation and cooling.

Get a mattress with memory foam, like OmniCool™ Cooling Gel Memory Foam, that is cool to the touch and keeps you cool all night long while providing maximum conformability. Gel memory foam breathes better, is cool to the touch, and less dense to help your mattress breathe and conform to your body. Combined with the O Mattress cover for dissipating heat and moisture wicking, you have a memory foam mattress that keeps its cool all night.

Because you won’t get a good night sleep if your mattress builds up heat, gel-infused memory foam with a breathable quilted mattress cover is a must. That’s why the O Mattress™ is perfect for keeping you cool at night.

Tip #2: Get the Right Kind of Memory Foam Technology

Memory foam needs to do more than keep you cool at night, it must provide the right amount of support, not to mention a spring or bounce. We’ve come to expect spring from years of sleeping on innerspring mattresses, and to find it lacking on some memory foam mattress brands leave some people disappointed. It’s especially when a memory foam mattress is used for… extracurricular activities of the innocent kind and the not-so-innocent. Point is, we expect our mattresses to bounce and spring. Without it, the mattress doesn’t feel right and can kill the mood.

Get the right memory foam technology, like OmniEvolution™ luxury foam with OmniBubble™ technology, to provide the right amount of support and spring and exceptional pressure relief. Underneath the OmniCool™ layer, it provides more firmness while still being pliable, so it lets the first layer do the job of keeping you keeping you cool while the middle layer comforts and conforms to you, all while providing the springiness you are used to from older mattress technology.

A mattress doesn’t have a thing unless it’s got that spring. Whether you love jumping on the bed or… other activities, the O Mattress OmniEvolution™ luxury foam will support and cradle you without losing its spring.

Tip #3: Get a Memory Foam Mattress That Moves with You

A memory foam mattress must support your body, no matter what position you sleep in. Whether you sleep on your side, your back, your stomach, curled up or sprawled out, your mattress must adapt to the many ways you can sleep. For that, you need a mattress with a firm, resilient foundation.

The foundation of a mattress is much like the foundation of a house. It must be solid enough to take on the weight pressed on it, yet firm and flexible enough to handle movement. Too much inflexibility and you move and sway too much, disturbing your sleep.

Resilient foam, like OmniFoundation™ Compression Foam provides the ultimate in support reducing motion transfer and enhancing edge support.

If you’re a person who tosses and turns at night, waking up your partner, then you’re in luck. The OmniFoundation™ Compression Foam absorbs your movement so all they feel is the mattress, not the people who are sleeping on it. And if you feel less movement from your mattress, you’ll move less!  With good edge support, you won’t feel like you’re falling out of your O Mattress™ when you roll over or get out of bed in the morning.

So, whether you sleep still or toss and turn all night, you’ll have the right mattress to keep your nocturnal movements under control, and that’s the O Mattress™ memory foam mattress.

Tip #4: Get the Right Firmness and Support from Your Memory Foam Mattress

We all have mattress firmness preferences. Some like their mattresses soft, others like them very firm. It’s hard to choose, especially with couples who like their mattresses to feel different. Don’t ditch the king-sized bedframe and go for twin beds just yet. For the best, most universal appeal, a mattress with a medium firm feel is your best choice.

A medium firm mattress is supportive for back sleepers by provide back and lumbar support, supportive for side sleepers by properly aligning the spine, and supportive for front sleepers by removing pressure points.

The O Mattress™ delivers the right support with their OmniCool™, OmniEvolution™, and OmniFoundation™ memory foam. Three individual styles of comfortable, supportive memory foam combined and wrapped in a quilted breathable cover for the ultimate in comfort technology. It’s not just the high-quality memory foam that makes the mattress. It is the order in which they are combined, with the cooling gel-infused layer up top, the luxury foam in the middle, and the compression foam in the bottom, that deliver a medium-firm feel that’s universally loved by sleep aficionados.

If your mattress doesn’t feel right, how are you going to sleep right? You won’t unless you get a mattress that fits you, and the O Mattress™ by Omni Mattress is the medium-firm mattress that fits everyone!

Tip #5: Get a Mattress Built to Last

You may have a great mattress now, but what about in five years? Ten years? Fifteen or twenty? How long does a mattress last?

Surprise, a high-end mattress, on average, lasts anywhere between 7 to 10 years. Your mattress will last longer with proper care. A memory foam mattress can last longer, so if you’re good to the average mattress you could get more years of sleep out of it. Mattresses still don’t age like fine wine. Eventually time runs out for your old innerspring or memory foam mattress and you must replace it.

Make sure your mattress can stand up to years of use, and finally make sure that there is a 20-year industry leading warranty.

That’s why the O Mattress™ is the perfect choice, because it’s built to last. The removable quilted cover cleans easy to last longer, and the mattress has three layers of durable memory foam meant to give you the same comfortable rest years after you take it out of the box.  If memory foam mattresses are the technology of the future, the O Mattress™ is technology perfected.

Otherwise Omni Mattress wouldn’t stand behind a 20-year a 20-year limited warranty on the O Mattress™ if it wasn’t up to the job.

Tip #6: Get a Mattress That Fits All Your Requirements

So, you found the mattress that fits you thanks to us. You’re welcome! We’re proud of our O Mattress™  memory foam mattress, with its gel-infused cooling,  comfort and support, perfect firmness, and long lasting durability. Now it’s time to get one. But how do you do it? Do you get a mattress loan? Wait to find a mattress on sale? And how do you buy a mattress online?

You start by picking your O Mattress™ memory foam mattress at our shop now page. Worried about mattress financing? We have options from SkyCap Financial and PayBright to finance your mattress.

Worried about your credit stopping you from the sleep of your dreams? Get approved for up to $3000 spending limit, even with bad credit or no credit, using the O Powerline for instant approval.

No matter what your credit situation you can find a mattress with a payment plan made to suit you with Omni Mattress.

All Tips Point to the O Mattress™

Thanks to the best in comfort, coolness, and consistency in mattress quality and the consecutive amounts of good night’s sleep, your best choice for a memory foam mattress that fits all your criteria leads to one mattress to rule them all: O Mattress™ from Omni Mattress. When you run all the tips down, was there any other real choice? Never!

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