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How Can You NOT Love Sleep?

We need it, we love it, we got to have it. And when we get it, we want it as good as it gets. Sleep. Even bad it’s better than nothing, but who here isn’t a sleep connoisseur? It’s so important to our health and it dictates how well we do throughout the day. No wonder we go to great lengths to find the best mattresses, softest pillows, most comfortable sheets and warmest blankets, all for the best rest possible. Who doesn’t want to find the perfect sleep?

Some of us are not loving our sleep, and there are many reasons for it. From health issues to bad mattresses, sleeping too warm or sleeping too cold, falling out of love with sleep is too easy to do.

We here at Omni Mattress hear you loud and clear, and we’re here to help you not only find the best mattress possible (like our  O Mattress™, O Mattress-Platinum™, and “O” Onyx Mattress™ from Omni Mattress), but also how to get the most out of your slumber. Because everyone deserves to fall in love with sleep, even if you’re not sleeping well. We want to help change the way you sleep and get the most out of your brand-new memory foam mattress. Sleep is important to us and to you. Why not get the most out of your nightly rest?

We at Omni Mattress have some tips and tricks so you can fall in love with sleep all over again. Love takes hard work to maintain and keep, and we want you to maintain your relationship with sleep for the rest of your life.

Step 1: It’s Not You It’s Me! Re-evaluating Your Relationship with Sleep

Before you can love sleep, you need to cut out your toxic relationships. And to do that you need to know if you, not your sleep, that’s the problem. Ask yourself, ‘What is keeping me awake at night? Why can’t I stay asleep?.

When it is you, it is because of bad sleep habits you developed. What you eat and drink during the day and before you go to bed could affect your sleep patterns. Caffeine, alcohol, spicy and fatty foods, and sugary snacks can keep you awake, with late-night trips to the bathroom. Tapping away on your smartphone or staying up watching cat videos on your tablet keeps you awake thanks to blue light generated by your screens. Maybe you’re overstimulated by noise and light during your naptime. Black out the room, and wear a blindfold and earplugs. Make your pets sleep on the couch. Stifle any light sources that are bugging you, like night lights, led lights, and blinkers. You’ll find that you will get the most out of your sleep when there are fewer distractions, so try some calming or meditative activities before you go to bed.

When you have a sleep condition like sleep apnea, wandering leg syndrome, or acute insomnia, it is time to see your doctor. We could say the same for acute pain, including lingering injuries, back pain, migraines,  headaches, and arthritis. That’s not relationship toxicity, that’s you being separated from the sleep you love. Afterwards, you can work on you and prepare to fall in love with sleep again.

All which is no good unless you set the mood with the right memory foam mattress.

Step 2: Decide When It’s Over, Is Your Mattress Worth Saving?

You already have a great mattress that gives you a perfect night’s rest? That’s great! You must already have an O Mattress™! But for the rest of us, we might be in a bad relationship.

When is a mattress too old? Take the innerspring mattress, the same mattress your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents were sleeping on. Coiled metal springs that sag and jab you, causing muscle and joint aches, keeping you up at night. Who would want a mattress like that in their lives? The truth is technology has moved on, leaving the old innerspring mattresses in the dust. You don’t want anything that’s old, obsolete or uncool, do you?

Maybe you traded up for something newer, younger, and a little hotter. Maybe too hot when your memory foam mattress keeps heat. Memory foam mattresses will hold you and keep you close, but after a few years they don’t support you like they used to. That’s because compression and heat eventually wear an old-style memory foam mattress out, leaving soft spots and sagging like innerspring mattresses. Sometimes a memory foam mattress is a little too hot, especially without a gel-infused foam layer to keep you cool. Earlier memory foam mattresses keep heat and keep you sweating, and not in a good way.

If any of this sounds familiar, don’t worry. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially you! When your old mattress doesn’t offer the comfort and support you need, it’s time to ditch it and fall in love with sleep again!

Step 3: Finding Mr. Right Mattress, No Need to Shop Around

You can find a lot of mattresses in a lot of stores, but then you must shop around. Going to countless furniture stores and mattress stores to try out countless mattresses for sale, all already worn out by thousands of other mattress buyers. Even if you compromise on a mattress on sale you like but don’t really love, you take it home and it hurts you all over again, just like your old mattress. When you try to leave that rotten relationship, you find out your mattress store doesn’t want to take it back, because nobody wants a mattress that’s been around the block, much less from a mattress sale or a furniture liquidation.

Or maybe you want one of those mail-order mattresses from overseas, a nice convenient bed in a box ordered from a website? Not all mattresses made to order are equal, sometimes the foam isn’t as dense or durable, or it’s not quilted or stitched right, or the mattress layers don’t compliment each other, leaving you with a beautiful looker who doesn’t hold up after a long relationship.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go far to find the right mattress. You can find one, Canadian Made, shipped to your door quickly.

You ask, ‘What should I look for in a memory foam mattress?’. It’s easy. First you want to look for a memory foam mattress like the O Mattress™, O Mattress-Platinum™ or “O” Onyx Mattress™, from Omni Mattress. For devilishly good looks and a body to die for, you have mattress foam with three layers of comfort technology. The O Mattress™, O Mattress-Platinum™ or “O” Onyx Mattress™ starts its comfort with a beguiling, attractive quilted mattress cover designed to encourage airflow and comfort. This plush, breathable O Mattress cover wicks away moisture leaving you cool and refreshed in the morning. And it’s zippered, easily stripped down for easy removal and machine washable.

The quilted mattress cover works in tandem with the first memory foam layer, the two inches of OmniCool™ Cooling Gel Memory Foam to keep you cool all night long while providing maximum conformity and comfort. There’s two inches of Omni Evolution™ Luxury Foam featuring OmniBubble™ technology, providing the right amount of support and spring to cradle you to sleep. Every good relationship requires a solid foundation. That’s why the O Mattress has 6 full inches of OmniFoundation™ Compression Foam for a mattress firm and resilient, providing the ultimate in support and reducing motion transfer and enhancing edge support.

How can you not love sleep with such an extraordinary design that’s meticulously crafted for a balanced sleep experience, using the best gel-infused foam mattress money can buy?  The Omni Mattress memory foam mattress is the perfect choice!

Step 4: If You Love It Put a Ring on It, Financing Made Easy

Are you ready to make a commitment to fall in love with sleep? Because the O Mattress™, O Mattress-Platinum™ or “O” Onyx Mattress™ is ready to make a commitment to you. Don’t wait for a mattress sale to find the right mattress in a box. The easiest way to commit to your new relationship; buy now pay later through mattress financing online!

The heart wants what the heart wants. Don’t let bad credit or no credit stop you from falling in love with sleep. You have access to up to $3000 in mattress credit through the O Powerline™ so you and your whole family can commit to loving sleep. Still want to keep your options open? Now you can finance your purchase with mattress financing online options from PayBright!

With mattress finance payments as low as $9.99 a week to buy a mattress online, it’s never been easier to commit to the most important relationship of your life, your sleep.

Step 5: Your First Night Together

Then it’s a matter of waiting for your new mattress, but you won’t be waiting long. Your new O Mattress™, O Mattress-Platinum™ or “O” Onyx Mattress™ will arrive at your door, in a box compact enough for you to carry up to your bedroom. Then it’s a matter of unboxing, taking the mattress out of the shrinkwrap, and watching it expand. The Omni Mattress memory foam mattress is ready to sleep in minutes!

So maybe you want to put on some sleep music, dress your Omni Mattress up in your best cotton sheets, your fluffiest pillow, and your most comfortable blanket or duvet. You want your first night with the Omni Mattress to be memorable.

You’ll be spending many blissful nights together, thanks to an industry-leading industry-leading 20-year warranty on your gel memory foam mattress.

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