Innerspring vs Memory Foam Mattress: Which is Better?


We’ve all heard the debate of memory foam mattresses vs innerspring mattresses. Traditional mattress manufacturers and the new wave of online mattress stores are competing for space in your bedroom. With it comes a multitude of mattress reviews singing praises for both sides. Who are you to believe?

We at Mattress Omni are here to help! We’ve weighed in on the innerspring vs memory foam debate to answer the question, once for all, which mattress technology deserves your hard-earned dollars.

Because nothing is more important than your sleep!

Memory foam wins in the debate between innerspring
Innerspring mattresses changed the game back in their day. But have they held up over time?

Proven Sleep Technology,
the Innerspring Mattress


The innerspring mattress. An old, reliable mattress that changes little in almost a century’s use. Before the innerspring mattress became the game changer of the mattress world, humans would sleep on mattresses stuffed with everything from horsehair to reeds. No doubt the innerspring mattress revolutionized sleep. But much has changed since we coiled wire into springs and put them into our mattresses.

Innerspring mattresses are easy and cheap to build and were an improvement from the past. They’re the mattress of choice for two-thirds of mattress buyers thanks to familiarity and household names. Plus the fact you can find a mattress store on every street corner.

But there’s a new mattress in town, one that challenges innerspring supremacy.

Make Way for the Memory Foam Mattress Revolution!


Memory foam’s been around since the space race as this wonder material was first used to give astronauts and pilots a comfortable ride. Since that time, we’ve reformulated, tinkered with, and shaped memory foam into the next revolution in sleep technology.

And those improvements are amazing!

Better cooling, better back support, hypoallergenic, and you need not go to the nearest Sleep Country to get one; you’re just a click away. The best memory foam mattress can ship to your door in a box the size of a mini-fridge. Then it’s just one cool unboxing and an hour later and your mattress is good to go.

What are you waiting for? Memory foam helps you sleep!
Memory foam mattress technology has been changing the game of sleep.

Considering the great strides in memory foam mattresses over the last decade, they are as

good, if not better, than their innerspring counterparts. But are they the best?

Let’s check out some deciding factors before we decide.

How Well Does Your Mattress Roll with You?


Not everyone sleeps the same way. Some people prefer to sleep on their backs. Others want to sleep on their sides. Many even sleep on their stomachs or curl up in their bed. Your sleep position can affect your health. However, you want to keep cozy in your bed. And the right mattress makes a difference in your overall help and quality of sleep.

Innerspring mattresses aren’t very adjustable, so you hunt for the right mattresses for sale depending on your preferences. From as soft as a cloud or as hard as a rock, you have many options to weigh. The wrong choice can lead to c restless nights.

Movement transfer can also come with innersprings if your partner moves around a bunch. Perhaps you can solve the problem with a pocketed coil mattress, but at a premium cost.

Memory foam mattresses such as the O Mattress from Mattress Omni, take a one size fits all approach for the perfect night’s sleep. It uses OmniFoundation compression foam to reduce motion transfer and support. OmniEvolution luxury foam for support and springiness. Even OmniCool gel memory foam to keep you cool at night. This triple team of memory foam provides universal comfort and conforms to the preferences of any sleeper, be it side, back or stomach.

The Pain of Pressure Points


A good mattress needs to address pressure relief. As you sleep, any pressure points on your muscles and bones disrupt your sleep cycle. A disrupted sleep cycle, especially without the required REM deep sleep you need, leads to major health problems. Pressure points pressed on your body leads to sleep cycle disruption.

Innerspring mattresses were an improvement on stuffed mattresses that didn’t give support for the back. But the innersprings brought a new problem: pressure points. The innersprings poke and prod your muscles. Your muscles and soft tissue get pinched and get cut off from blood circulation.

The O Mattress has pressure point relief like you wouldn't believe!
When you sleep on memory foam, you won’t be waking up sore anymore!

The result? Your muscles are sore and crampy, disrupting your sleep cycle. And the more
weight put on a coil, the more pressure it can put on you. Until it wears out and you’re left
with no support at all.

A memory foam mattress like the O Mattress solves the pressure point issue using their multiple layers of foam. As there are no hard points from the coils! No pressure points to annoy you. And because the memory foam reacts to form around you, it gives you the right amount of support on every part of your body.

Allergens and Bugs 


For mattress allergies such as dust, dust mites, chemicals, mold and bugs, your mattress makes all the difference.

The O Mattress takes allergen health seriously. That’s why it complies with CertiPUR-US standards for content emissions. They solve the chemical smell issue and off-gassing that was big with the first generations of memory foam mattresses.

And because memory foam mattresses have a hypoallergenic surface, it’s a less hospitable home for mold, dust mites and bugs. No irritants mean more sleep for you!

An innerspring mattress lends itself more to attracting allergens and pests, which live in the seams of the mattress or get embedded over time in the fabric layers. Fire-retardant materials also used in innerspring mattresses can be their own irritant. That’s why allergy sufferers prefer a hypoallergenic mattress, and for that, memory foam is the mattress of choice.

Chillin’ Out on your Mattress 


It’s not exactly center ice, but a mattress’s ability to keep you cool and comfortable at night is important. It’s the difference between waking up refreshed or waking up in your own sweat.

Body heat builds up in the cushioning layers in your bed, making you sweat during the night. Innerspring mattresses use layers of soft padding over the innersprings, which reduce pressure on the body and increase softness but builds up body heat.

The first generation of memory foam mattresses had heat retention issues too. That is until they invented gel memory foam.

Gel memory foam, like the OmniCool cooling gel memory foam found in the O Mattress, dissipates heat leading to a more comfortable sleeping experience. Pair that with a removable, breathable cover that wicks away heat and moisture? You get the coolest mattress possible (and not just because of the high-tech memory foam).

There for You Always

Sleep better now with Mattress Omni's memory foam mattress.
The O Mattress’ multiple layers of memory foam and cooling technology make sure you get the best sleep – every single night!


But you don’t want your mattress to just be good, right? You want it to be good forever! Though traditionally, mattresses don’t age like fine wine.

Innerspring mattresses wear out over time. The springs lose springiness after years of bodies plopping down on them. That’s why mattress stores recommend you flip and rotate your mattress every three months. Then your mattress can last anywhere from five to ten years. But once the mattress loses support, it needs replacement.

We designed O Mattresses to last much longer!

Memory foam mattresses average durability of 10 years. Mattress Omni created a mattress that lasts even longer. They offer a 20-year limited warranty with the purchase. And best of all? You need not flip the O Mattress – it works better that way.

The Winner Is… The O Mattress from Mattress Omni!


All good things must end. The 20th century was the innerspring mattress century. The 21st century belongs to memory foam mattresses. Thanks to better back and muscle support, better cooling, better durability, better materials, better health, better technology, and overall a better night’s sleep.

An O Mattress by Mattress Omni is within anyone’s reach thanks to guaranteed approval, whether bad credit or no credit.

Isn’t it time you replaced your old innerspring mattress with a Mattress Omni O Mattress?