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Do you think of Douglas Mattress when you think of the best Canadian made mattress, or do you think of the O Mattress™ from Omni Mattress! And you’d be right, as the O Mattress™ is the best memory foam mattress mattress technology has to offer. We’re not the only Canadian mattress company out there! While American companies made a huge splash with their memory foam mattresses, it left Canadian mattress fans with nothing to call their own, a Canadian made mattress. We Canadians love our memory foam mattresses firm and pliant, cool in the summer yet warm enough to snuggle up during the winter. That’s why they came up with the Douglas mattress, one of the first gel-infused memory foam mattresses by Canada, for Canada.  Douglas vs   Good Morning vs Novosbed vs

To talk about Douglas mattress is to discuss Canada’s answer to the big memory foam mattress companies in the United States. Originally under the name Novosbed, is the brainchild of CEO Sam Prochazka and his siblings Helenka and Andy. Their mission was to disrupt the mattress industry by offering a memory foam mattress just as good as a Tempurpedic or a Beautyrest but at a third of the cost. They turned an investment of $40,000 into a $4.5 million a year business! Their first hit, the Novosbed, released in 2009 and sold in Canada and the United States. Novosbed’s unique online marketing and online sales portal, matched with easy mattress delivery to Canada, was an instant success, a model we at Omni Mattress follow and improve. When Douglas came out with a 15 year warranty, the O Mattress™ beat it with a 20 year warranty!

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Though Novosbed was a hit, there was a need for a Canada mattress fit specifically for Canadian sleepers. In 2017, the Douglas memory foam mattress was born! The Douglas is an exclusive Canadian mattress, made in Canada with Canadian-sourced materials, made to order and shipped to the customer’s door, free mattress shipping. It’s the same formula we Omni Mattress mattress enthusiasts follow, with the best memory foam mattress mattress technology makes, right here in Canada!

Douglas mattress wasn’t just an innovator in online mattress websites. They innovated in mattress service too! They claim to be the first online luxury mattress brand in North America. They were one of the first to introduce pillows and foundations to their line. They offered the first 100 day trial, and with the Douglas mattress they offered one of the first all-Canadian matress brands.

Novosbed would expand further into the Canadian mattress market with other mattress brands. Logan & Cove was their attempt at building the best Canadian hybrid mattress. Their Recore performance mattress was Novosbed’s version of the latex mattress, while their Brunswick brand innerspring mattress offered improvements on the century-old design with modern materials and engineering. Not that they’ve given up on memory foam mattresses. Their Apollo mattress is a copper hybrid mattress, while their Juno mattress became their cheap mattress brand.

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In 2019, Novosbed changed the company name to They became a big name in Canadian online mattress circles.

But where misses, the O Mattress™ from Omni Mattress picks up for the win! We picked the most universal gel-memory foam mattress and made it better. But the best mattress for sale is no good if it’s out of reach for people with bad credit. We made sure anyone can get an O Mattress™, bad credit or no credit, with O Powerline financing and guaranteed approval. And like a Douglas mattress, we make the O Mattress™ from Omni Mattress factory fresh as soon as you order, and shipped for free to your door anywhere in Canada.

Douglas mattress showed the way, and it’s O Mattress™ that perfects it with the best memory foam mattress in Canada. Order yours now!

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Great Customer Service

Posted by Arthur S.

We had some questions before we made our purchase. The customer service was excellent. We have been sleeping on our mattress for 2 weeks. We are loving it.


Tried Two Others Before O Mattress

Posted by Jeff B.

We tried two other foam mattresses that we didn’t like before we ordered O Mattress. My husband and I are keeping this mattress. The edge support is really good. I like the level of firmness. It’s not too soft and not too firm but just perfect!


I Love My Omni Mattress

Posted by Sophie M.

I love my OMNI MATTRESS best sleep I can have, considering I suffer from fibromyalgia and always in pains and trouble sleeping. But, this bed is the best I ever slept on. I love no springs in my back.

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