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“O” Mattress – Platinum

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An amazing crafted 10″, 3-layer memory foam mattress available in 4 sizes. Omni’s “O” Mattress™ mattress is Canadian made for all seasons. Delivers cool and amazingly comfortable orthopedic support. Here are the best memory foam mattress mattress sizes.  Like Casper Mattress?  Like Douglas Mattress?  Then you will LOVE the “O” Mattress™ mattress.  Check out our MDG Easyhome program and find out how easy it is to get approved and receive your best buy, the “O” Mattress™

KING SIZE MATTRESSThe Omni Mattress - King Size
The Omni Mattress - King Size
Ship Size 19" X 20" X 41"
Sleep Size 76" X 80" X 10"
Weight 67lbs
QUEEN SIZE MATTRESSThe Omni Mattress - King Size
The Omni Mattress - Queen Size
Ship Size 19" X 20" X 41"
Sleep Size 60" X 80" X 10"
Weight 54lbs
FULL SIZE MATTRESSThe Omni Mattress - Full Size
The Omni Mattress - Full Size
Ship Size 19" X 20" X 41"
Sleep Size 54" X 75" X 10"
Weight 45lbs
TWIN SIZE MATTRESSThe Omni Mattress - Twin Size
The Omni Mattress - Twin Size
Ship Size 19" X 20" X 41"
Sleep Size 39" X 75" X 10"
Weight 30lbs
KING SIZE MATTRESS - WITH FRAMEThe Omni Mattress Plus The Omni Frame - King Size
The Omni Mattress and Metal Frame - King Size
Ship Size 19" X 20" X 41"
Sleep Size 76" X 80" X 10"
Weight: 67lbs (mattress) | 45.9lbs (frame)
QUEEN SIZE MATTRESS - WITH FRAMEThe Omni Mattress Plus The Omni Frame - Queen Size
The Omni Mattress and Metal Frame - Queen Size
Ship Size 19" X 20" X 41"
Sleep Size 60" X 80" X 10"
Weight: 54lbs (mattress) | 41.9lbs (frame)
TWIN SIZE MATTRESS - WITH FRAMEThe Omni Mattress Plus The Omni Frame - Twin Size
The Omni Mattress and Metal Frame - Twin Size
Ship Size 19" X 20" X 41"
Sleep Size 39" X 75" X 10"
Weight: 30lbs (mattress) | 31lbs (frame)
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Great Customer Service

Posted by Arthur S.

We had some questions before we made our purchase. The customer service was excellent. We have been sleeping on our mattress for 2 weeks. We are loving it.

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Endy VS Casper, Who's the King of Canadian Sleep?Everyone adores their sleep on a good mattress. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, shouldn't we get mattress to suit our needs? One thing for certain, if you're Canadian and you're looking for the best mattress in a box to get a good night sleep, there's several options available to you, but two get the most attention and therefore the receive most mattress press.Casper Mattress, based out of New York City, is one of the biggest online bed in a box, mattress in a box brands out there, and have written the metaphorical book on how to sell you a memory foam mattress in Canada and in the USA. Casper mattress brand is considered the big name in the online mattress industry and claims to offer the best one size fits all memory foam mattress that you can buy.But there's a mattress company in Canada that wants to take the crown from Casper. Endy mattress, based out of Toronto, has their own 100% made in Canada mattress solution that claims to be better than the Casper mattress in a box, better for Canadian climate, better for that matter better than anyone. So which one is better? Endy Sleep or Casper Mattress? Endy.ca Casper.com Though neither may be the better foam mattress (Wait until you check out The O Mattress from Mattress Omni!), there's been plenty of testing and comparison that will help you put the debate to bed. Do you prefer a soft mattress or a firm mattress? You'll be surprised to find that Casper claims to be the firmer mattress, especially with medium to heavier weight persons. The Casper mattress offers a little more bounce and spring to it thanks to its combination of memory foam and latex foam layers. Endy mattress on the other hand offers a comfortable, soft, pillow-like experience, without going too soft or even having a pillow top. It may just depend on where you live. Casper mattress firm ness tends to be affected by climate more than Endy. What kind of feel do you like in your mattress? Endy is a pure memory foam mattress, which is sometimes not everyone's cup of tea. Some people love the feel of soft memory foam. Some people do not. So if you don't like the memory foam softness or feel then Endy may not be right for you. Casper on the other hand uses a latex foam with a different feel. Do you prefer a mattress to keep you warm or a mattress that keeps you cool in your bed? Memory foam mattresses have a bad reputation for retaining heat, and Omni Mattress has dialed in on that problem. You'll be surprised to know that Omni mattress's top layer is a patented cool gel-infused memory foam that works wonders for dissipating heat, so you won't wake up too hot or sweaty. This magical Omni-Cool layer has been made just for the “O” Mattress in Canada. How do you prefer to sleep? For snorers and tossers and turners, the Omni mattress might be the right choice for them. Endy is good at isolating movement so you'll stay more still during your sleep; however Omni has just reinvented a new motionless foam which now exceeds expectations of their customers. Less movement, better sleep, less snoring. But if you prefer to sleep on your side or on your stomach you may appreciate Casper's firmer support so you don't feel like you curve yourself or sink in. That said Omni Mattress has improved on all elements of offered mattresses in the Bed in the box industry. Omni Mattress engineers have studied all of the competitions products and have created a mattress equivalent to most of the best mattress companies. Essentially, the Mattress Omni mattress is the best of the best in the Mattress industry. What about for couples? You know what I'm talking about people... when it comes to movement, whether it's rolling in your sleep at night or... other activities, it may come down to personal preference. When your movement disturbs your partner you may appreciate Endy mattress's movement isolation that much more. But when the movement is... mutual and shared to say the least, you may want Casper mattress's firmness to keep your motions in sync. So what is the better mattress? Endy or Casper? That's a tough call, because it all boils down to what you really want in a mattress. Endy's great if you like it soft, like it cool, and like to move around but want to keep it down, but it may let you down if you need a little more support. Casper's a mattress is straightforward, firm and reliable, but a tad inflexible and stuffy. In the end, it's all up to what you prefer, though both brands of mattress in a box will offer excellent choices for your night's sleep. Endy and Casper has been duking it out for your dollars for the last couple of years. Isn't it time you had a third option for a good night's sleep? The O Mattress from Mattress Omni has just arrived on the scene and we're here to tell you that everyone deserves a good night sleep, even people who are kept up late at night worrying about their credit. Omni offers not only the best memory foam mattress that can go toe-to-toe with Endy, Purple and Casper, we also offer something the competition does not; an affordable payment plan where even someone with bad credit can be guarantee approved for mattress financing. Everyone deserves a good night sleep, regardless of their financial situation, and you don't need to be wealthy or have good credit to get it. You can visit us online and apply today for your very own O Mattress from Mattress Omni. Credit for people with bad credit, is yet another reason to buy a mattress from Omni Mattress.

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