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As Omni Mattress’s very own O Mattress mattress becomes a household name, we can’t forget those who helped make Canada the Sleep Country it is. We all play a part, and one company that played a huge role in Canadian mattress adoption is one of Canada’s biggest online mattress companies. What started as one memory foam mattress and one online mattress store turned into a Canada mattress phenomenon spanning multiple brands with every kind of mattress, from innerspring mattresses to memory foam mattresses and the hybrid mattress. How did it come to be? We at Omni Mattress take a look at, one of Canada’s biggest online mattress retailers.

The history of starts with the founder of the company, CEO Sam Prochazka. He founded as Novosbed, one of Canada’s first online mattress companies. Founded in 2009, Novosbed was a novelty at the time. Before them, mattresses were mainly purchased in brick-and-mortar stores like Mattress Mattress, Sleep Country, The Brick, and Wal-Mart. Sam saw an opportunity to seriously disrupt the mattress industry. Not only would a Canadian mattress company take on the big companies like Sealy, Serta, and Kingsdown, it would do it with a memory foam mattress just as good as a Beautyrest or a Tempurpedic! Despite high-pressure sales tactics and uncomfortable stores, people in 2009 were less willing to take a chance on a mattress they couldn’t try out first. So Novosbed introduced a sleep trial, and the Novosbed mattress took off!

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With friends and family chipping in, they turned a $40,000 investment into a $4.5 million a year business! The Novosbed became a best seller in Canada and the United States.

By 2017, they saw the need for a Canadian made mattress, a mattress with Canada’s conditions in mind, while being environmentally conscious. The Douglas mattress was the answer. But the specialty mattresses didn’t stop at the Douglas Mattress. Soon, introduced mattress brands of every conceivable type! In 2018, they launched the Logan & Cove mattress, their foray into the memory foam and innerspring luxury hybrid mattress. In 2019, more mattresses were introduced. The Brunswick mattress was their value innerspring mattress. The Recore mattress was their latex mattress brand for the health-conscious and sport-related crowd. Apollo mattress became their label for copper-infused memory foam mattresses. Their value mattress brand fell to the Juno mattress, their cheap mattress alternative.

2019 was a big year for the company, as Novosbed changed to is the big name in the Canada mattress industry, but you know who has the best Canadian made mattress? The O Mattress from Omni Mattress! The O Mattress is the best Canadian mattress for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers, and the best Canadian mattress for back pain. Not even the best Canadian hybrid mattress beats the O Mattress for comfort. And the O Mattress offers what even Good Morning can’t. With the O Powerline mattress financing, guaranteed approval with bad credit or no credit at all, anyone will buy a mattress online when even would not approve financing. Don’t wait for the next mattress sale or for your credit to improve. Improve your credit while you sleep on the best memory foam mattress. Get approved with O Mattress today!

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Great Customer Service

Posted by Arthur S.

We had some questions before we made our purchase. The customer service was excellent. We have been sleeping on our mattress for 2 weeks. We are loving it.


Tried Two Others Before O Mattress

Posted by Jeff B.

We tried two other foam mattresses that we didn’t like before we ordered O Mattress. My husband and I are keeping this mattress. The edge support is really good. I like the level of firmness. It’s not too soft and not too firm but just perfect!


I Love My Omni Mattress

Posted by Sophie M.

I love my OMNI MATTRESS best sleep I can have, considering I suffer from fibromyalgia and always in pains and trouble sleeping. But, this bed is the best I ever slept on. I love no springs in my back.

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