facebook live What set up or foundation should I use for The O Mattress™?

What foundation or set up should I use for The O Mattress™?

The foundation that is used for The O Mattress™ is almost as important as the blend of the OmniFoundation™ Compression Foam,  OmniEvolution™ Luxury Foam, and OmniCool™ Cooling Gel Memory Foam that goes into each O Mattress™.  It can affect the lifespan and performance of the mattress.

If you are not changing your existing box spring or foundation when you order you O Mattress™, we recommend using a Bunkie board between the mattress and box spring to provide even and continuous support for the mattress.  The other options are a platform base or slats.  Slats need to be thick enough and close enough together to support the mattress.  More information can be found in our warranty document.

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