The History of CASPER Mattress

Casper Mattress emerged as one of the biggest of the new wave of mattress companies established in the 2010’s. Casper, and its Canadian affiliate Casper ca, jumped from humble beginnings to over $200 million in revenue by 2016. How did they do it? Through an innovative business model and entrepreneur’s spirit.

Casper mattresses started out in 2014 when partners Philip Krin, Neil Parikh, Jeff Chapin, gabe Flatemand and Luke Sherwin set out to find a better way to sell a mattress. Each founder of Casper mattress had their own horror stories of shopping for a mattress in a retail store. Ever have your own horror story in a Sleep Number Bed Canada store? Exactly! That’s what the founders of Casper Canada went through, and they were none too pleased. They rightly calculated that much of a mattress’ overhead was in the sales commission, and suffering through a salesperson’s mattress sale pitch was bad enough.

So Casper cast its net wide to find a better solution and they found it. Make a mattress, make it out of memory foam material so it’s easy to compact in a bed in a box, transport and set up in the customer’s home. Give them a three month trial on their new Casper bed in case it’s not right for them. Reach out to customers on Casper Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook social media so nobody will forget them. And set it on an e-commerce platform for convenient shopping anywhere, even if seek a mattress, Winnepeg or a mattress sale Calgary.

By April 2014 they launched their Casper Mattress website. What was supposed to be a 40 day stock of mattresses sold in a single day.

Casper mattress succeeded, and after initially raising $170 million in investor funds and dominating the American market, it was up to Casper Canada to dominate the bed in a bag Canada market.

Now with over $200 million in revenue and over 150 employees in their New York office, Casper has become the biggest name in mattress delivery. Thousands of people have enjoyed a Casper sleep and are known as one of the best beds in Canada.

Not bad from a businessman who started hustling sodapop at a golf course to hosting mattress sales on an actual yacht.

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