Does Casper or Endy take the title for Best Sleep?

Each person has their own sleep needs. Therefore, they also need a mattress to cater to those individual needs.

More time is spent on mattresses than any other furniture item in the home. When looking for the best Canadian mattress there is for the sleep that you need, there are two major choices out there. Two online mattress companies that are famous for their “mattress in a box,” are stealing the spotlight, and we are going to compare them for you.

The mattress company Casper started out in New York City, and is now one of the biggest mattress companies out there. They began the craze for the online mattress industry and the mattress in a box. Even with all the competitors out there now, remain one of the most successful. One detail that appears to be a big selling point is their “one size fits all” mattress, that also happens to be a memory foam mattress.

However, there is a Canadian online mattress company that is giving Casper a run for their money. Not only does Endy declare to be better than the American-made online mattress that began the craze. Endy, the online mattress company that began in Toronto, boasts of their 100% Made in Canada Mattress Solution. The company argues that their mattress is even more beneficial to the climate.

Which one give the best sleep? Should you shop at Endy.ca or Casper.com?

Ask yourself something else first. Have you shopped anywhere else? Have you heard of the new O Mattress from Omni Mattress? Make sure you take everything into consideration!

For example, what type of a sleeper are you? Front sleeper, side sleeper or back sleeper? Does it feel better for you to sleep on a firmer mattress or soft mattress?

First, figure out which type is better for your body and sleeping habits.

Many people look distinctly for mattresses that are memory foam. While each memory foam mattress has a different amount of memory foam, the one from Endy is 100% made from it. Because of this, softness is the main factor.

If a soft surface is what gives you the best sleep, Endy is the winner. It’s comparable to sleeping on a soft and comfortable pillow, without it being a pillow-top mattress. But at the same time, it isn’t too soft, which can also be uncomfortable and cause problems.

Some need a harder surface to give them the best rest. If it is more to the firm mattress side, Casper is the way to go. Though environment does need to be considered, as this mattress is affected by the surrounding climate. Other particulars include the combination of latex foam and memory foam. Together, there is more movement transfer and bounce.

When sharing a bed with your significant partner, do you interrupt their slumber with how much you toss and turn? If so, go for the product with movement isolation. Endy wins that argument by keeping movements their own sides of the bed.

But not everyone finds that comfortable. Are you a sleeper that needs more support and stability? Go for the firmness that a Casper would provide.

Temperature can also be a deciding factor for sleep, which can be a problem when owning a memory foam. Heat can retain in the fibres and heat you up in the process.

One mattress company has taken this issue and turned it on its head. Omni Mattress has made a memory foam mattress that doesn’t retain heat called the “O Mattress.” Instead, there is a cooling gel-infused layer on the top that makes the whole night as cool as you need it to be.

Beyond the heat problem being taken care of, the Canadian Omni Mattress has taken the mattress in a box concept and taken it even further. No matter if you are a side sleeper, front sleeper or prefer to be on your back – the new motionless foam was made for every sleeper. The results? Not only better sleep, but less tossing and turning. The best mattress companies and their products have been studied to bring all the best qualities together in one mattress. The Mattress Omni Mattress is the best in the mattress industry.

But is the Casper or Endy the better choice?

Just like choosing what you like in your coffee, it all depends on the way you sleep. Move around a lot while you sleep and don’t want to have it affect the whole bed? Want to sleep on a surface that feel like a huge pillow? You would probably enjoy the Endy. On the other hand, if you need the support don’t enjoy the exceptionally soft surface, a Casper mattress in a box would be the better choice.

In the end, if you are looking for a mattress that takes all your unique sleeping habits into account, have a browse at the O Mattress. Everyone deserves the best sleep possible, so they can take on anything life throws their way. Whether or not you have the finances right at this moment, you can start getting the most restful and comfortable nights sleep tonight.

While the competitors started the mattress in a box, Omni Mattress perfected it. Then put the cherry on top with financing options being available to customers. Even if you have bad credit or no credit, guarantee approved can be possible.

Don’t spend nights being uncomfortable, while also worrying about not being able to buy the new mattress that you need. Omni Mattress has the affordable payment plan for you.